Council Tax Reduction Scheme proposed changes

Consultation on the proposed changes to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

Council Tax Reduction is a discount that helps people on low incomes pay their Council Tax bill. The level of discount is based on the income and circumstances of the household. Each of the three councils that make up the new Cumberland Council area run similar but separate schemes.

By law we have to introduce a single Council Tax Reduction Scheme - from April 2023 - covering the whole of the Cumberland Council area.

We are proposing to continue with a similar scheme to those that are currently operating within Allerdale Borough Council, Carlisle City Council and Copeland Borough Council. This will continue to provide the maximum level of reduction for the people most in need. 

There is a need to adopt a single approach in the any areas where the schemes may differ and the new Council is also proposing to make some changes to align the scheme with changes that have been made to national benefits such as Housing Benefit and to make it work better now that Universal Credit has been introduced across the region.

The changes to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme will affect working age households in the Cumberland Council area who will get Council Tax Reduction from 1 April 2023. Pension age households will not see any change as the scheme to support this group is set out by Central Government.

We want to:

  • Continue with the successful approach to Council Tax Reduction that has operated within Allerdale Borough Council, Carlisle City Council and Copeland Borough Council areas;
  • Continue to provide up to 100% support for households on the lowest incomes; and
  • Make the scheme work better with the Universal Credit system.

This consultation has now closed. The deadline for any comments was Sunday 20 November 2022.