Cumberland Council Plan

This is our first Cumberland Council Plan and outlines what we want to focus on in our first four years. It also describes how we want our new Council to work and what residents can expect from us.

We are excited by the opportunity we have. As a unitary authority we can join-up services and deliver at a scale that has not been available to us before. We will use these opportunities to create a council that engages with and empowers residents whilst using our strengths, influence and willingness to do things differently to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in Cumberland. ​

We are also aware that the scale of some of the challenges we face is significant. This plan has been developed as the economy recovers from the impacts of COVID and the country faces the worst cost of living crisis for a generation. ​

This Plan is a way forward. It can't detail everything that the Council will do over the next few years, but it does provide a sense of the direction we are heading in and the positive impact we will make together.  ​

Our draft Vision:

We will: 

  • Unlock the potential of Cumberland, our people and our place.
  • Take a fresh approach to the delivery of inclusive services, shaped by residents and partners.
  • Ensure our residents are engaged, better off and healthier.

Our focus for the next four years:

  • Listening, responding and empowering our residents to help shape our services.
  • Putting health and wellbeing at the forefront of all that we do.
  • Local economies that work for local people.
  • Delivering excellent public services.

Our values

In everything we do we aim to:​

  • Be compassionate​.
  • Be innovative. ​
  • Be empowering​.
  • Be ambitious​.
  • Be collaborative​.

We believe passionately in the delivery of excellent public services. To do that we need to be clear about the values and behaviours that we need to drive change and achieve our high standards​.

Read the draft Council Plan

Download the Cumberland Council Plan:


After the consultation held over the Summer in 2022, the Council Plan was revised slightly. It was agreed at the Shadow Executive on 19 September 2022, that this revised edition would be recommended to the Full Shadow Council meeting on 5 October 2022.


This will now be considered by the Full Council for the Shadow Authority on 5 October 2022.

Consultation on the draft Council Plan

We'd like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation held throughout August and into early September on our draft plan. We received hundreds of responses online as well as via our drop-in sessions throughout the area, and as part of our online discussions with members of the public and partner organisations. 

These will be collated and considered as part of our review of the Council Plan.