The Shadow Executive members

The Shadow Executive is made up of ten councillors.

Role of the Shadow Executive

The role of the Shadow Executive is limited to functions contained in the 2022 Order. The Shadow Executive will carry out all of the Shadow Authority’s duties and responsibilities which are not the responsibility of any other part of the Shadow Authority, whether by law or under this Constitution, and in particular it will carry out those duties and responsibilities of the Shadow Executive which are contained in the 2022 Order.

The Shadow Executive shall be responsible for making recommendations to the Shadow Authority on the setting of the 2023/2024 budgets for the Cumberland Council.

The following councillors were appointed to the Shadow Executive at the Shadow Authority for Cumberland Council meeting on 17 May 2022.

Leader of the Council - Cllr Mark Fryer

Cllr Mark Fryer is the Leader of the Council. He has twice been a councillor for Allerdale Borough Council. The first time was between 1995 and 2003 and then for a further eight years between 2011 and 2019. He has been both Leader and Deputy Leader on the council. On 5 May 2022, he was elected to the Cumberland Council seat of St John’s and Great Clifton ward in Workington.

Cllr Mark Fryer

Statutory Deputy Leader - Cllr Lisa Brown

Cllr Lisa Brown is currently a Carlisle City Councillor. She was first elected on to the City Council in September 2018 and has represented Denton Holme and Morton South ward since May 2019. She was elected to Cumberland Council’s Currock ward in the recent local elections. 

Cllr Lisa Brown

Non-Statutory Deputy Leader - Cllr Emma Williamson

Since 2017 Cllr Emma Williamson has been a Cumbria County Council councillor for Kells and Sandwith ward and was elected to represent the same ward in the recent Cumberland Council elections.

Cllr Emma Williamson

Full list of Shadow Executive members and their responsibilities

There are ten councillors who make up the full Shadow Executive. Their names and portfolios are:

Name Portfolio
Cllr Mark Fryer Leader's Portfolio
Cllr Lisa Brown Governance and Enabling
Cllr Emma Williamson Children’s and families.
Cllr Elaine Lynch Education, skills and training
Cllr Denise Rollo Environment and Highways.
Cllr Bob Kelly Policy and Performance
Cllr Chris Southward Digital and Customer Services
Cllr Barbara Cannon Finance and Assets
Cllr Martin Harris Health and Adult Care
Cllr Anne Quilter Heritage and Leisure

There are contact details for these and all the councillors on the Shadow Authority on this website.