Joint Committees

Before the Shadow Authorities are established, a Joint Committee met for a short period.

The Joint Committee made recommendations to the Shadow Authorities on some of the important early decisions, such as the appointment of interim statutory officers and a new council constitution. 

The Cumberland Joint Committee was made up of 12 councillors, three from the county council and three from each of the current district councils that make up the new unitary council area (Allerdale, Carlisle and Copeland).

Cumberland Joint Committee Membership:  

  • Cllr Mike Johnson, Leader - Allerdale Borough Council  

  • Cllr Nicky Cockburn - Allerdale Borough Council  

  • Cllr Alan Smith - Allerdale Borough Council  

  • Cllr John Mallinson, Leader – Carlisle City Council  

  • Cllr Gareth Ellis, Deputy Leader – Carlisle City Council  

  • Cllr Lisa Brown - Carlisle City Council  

  • Cllr David Moore - Copeland Borough Council  

  • Cllr Mike Hawkins - Copeland Borough Council  

  • Cllr Linda Jones-Bulman - Copeland Borough Council  

  • Cllr Stewart Young, Leader – Cumbria County Council  

  • Cllr Ceilia Tibble, Cabinet Member – Cumbria County Council  

  • Cllr Keith Little, Cabinet Member – Cumbria County Council . 

See the Joint Committee meetings, including dates, agendas and minutes.