Cumberland Council budget explained

A closer look at the Cumberland Council budget.

In July 2021, it was confirmed that Cumbria would go through Local Government Reorganisation (LGR).

This reorganisation has resulted in the creation of the new unitary authorities of Cumberland Council and Westmorland and Furness Council.

Cumberland Council will replace four sovereign councils (Allerdale, Carlisle and Copeland district councils, and Cumbria County Council).

On 1 March 2023, Cumberland Council set its first budget and medium-term financial plan. Therefore, there are no prior year figures available for comparison in the below tables.

Further detail on the approach taken in setting the 2023-24 budget and medium-term financial plan can be found in the Budget 2023/24 and Medium-Term Financial Plan General Fund Revenue and Capital Cumberland Shadow Authority report which is available on this website.

The below table reflects the budget agreed by Cumberland Council in that report.

Budget information

Where does my money go?
Directorate Gross 2023/24 Net 2023/24,£m
Assistant Chief Executive 2.891 2.812
Business Transformation and Change   56.752 13.663
Resources (1) 150.785 82.344
Place, Sustainable Growth and Transport  93.123 67.516
Public Health and Communities 20.282 5.024
Adult Social Care and Housing  137.830 68.095
Children and Family Wellbeing 251.079 63.594
Chief Executive  0.231 0.231
Revenue Budget 712.973 303.279
Parish precept 4.954 4.954
Revenue budget-including parish precept 717.927 308.233
Less council tax from parish precept   (4.954)
Less: planned use of earmarked balances / general fund   (11.723)
Revenue Budget Requirement   291.556
  1. Resources Directorate includes provision for pay-award, inflation and corporate contingency that will be allocated to directorates / services during the year.
Where does the money come from?
Income source Amount £m % of total
Council tax 152.883 48.73
Business rates 88.306 28.15
General grants 55.589 17.72
Earmarked balances/general fund 11.723 3.74
Business rates deficit (inc use of earmarked balances - NNDR) (4.292) -1.37
Council tax deficit (0.930) -0.30