Your environment

Find out about nuisances, pests, dogs, climate change, emergency planning, private water supplies, anti-social behaviour case reviews, your community.


What you can do and what we can do about a statutory nuisance like a noise, smell or smoke complaint.

Pest control

Advice about how to deal with animal and insect pests.


How to prepare for emergencies and the support we can offer in emergency situations.


Air quality monitoring, environmental permits and contaminated land.

Your community

Find out about community safety, community rights and equality and diversity.

Apply for an anti-social behaviour case review

If you have reported three or more separate incidents of anti-social behaviour to the local authority, police or housing provider within the last six months and the anti-social behaviour still persists then you can request an anti-social behaviour case review.

Bathing water quality

Water quality at designated bathing water sites is assessed by the Environment Agency.

Climate change and natural environment

Our commitment to tackling climate change and protecting and enhancing biodiversity. Have your say on the Climate and Nature Strategy and find out more about the Cumbria Local Nature Recovery Strategy.