Library facility charges

Charges for computer and room hire, printing and maps.

You can check the facilities a library has by searching in the library directory.

Computer hire charges

You can get 2 hours of free computer use per day.

After 2 hours, you will be charged:

  • 70 pence for a minimum of 15 minutes
  • £1.40 per half an hour

Room hire charges

If you would to hire a room in a library, it will cost between £19.75 to £46.75.

Printing charges

Printing in colour in:

  • A4 is 50 pence
  • A3 is 60 pence

Printing in mono in:

  • A4 is 40 pence
  • A3 is 60 pence

Printing from reader printers in:

  • A4 is 80 pence
  • A3 is £1

Laminating in:

  • A4 is £1.90
  • A3 is £2.60

Ordnance survey mapping charges

Types of maps we hold:

  • maps of Cumbria form 1850's and 1860's - with second and third editions up to the Second World War
  • geological, land use and town centre maps
  • early engraved maps of the county going back to the 16th century
  • up to date digital maps of the county

You can get these maps in 1:10,000 (6 inches), 1:25,000 (25 inches) and 1:1,250 (50 inches).

Libraries that hold these maps

You can find these maps at:

  • Carlisle library
  • Whitehaven library
  • Workington library

Ordnance survey site centred plan charges

It costs £15 for an A4 block plan size 1:500.

For an A4 urban area map size:

  • 1:1,250, it costs £25
  • 1:2,500, it costs £65

For an A4 rural area map:

  • 1:1.250 are £20
  • 1:2,500 are £60