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If you are a library member you can use our free digital collection which will give you online access to thousands of e-books, many popular magazines and comics, and most UK daily newspapers.

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You can borrow ebooks and audiobooks from a range of fiction, non-fiction, children's and young adult titles for free.

To access these items you will need to download the Borrowbox app.

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You can download for free the latest editions of a range of popular books, audiobooks, magazines, comics and graphic novels. All available to read on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

To access these items, you will need to download the PressReader app.

Thousands of free eBooks and audiobooks in Ukrainian

In order to provide Ukrainians with a range of free reading, listening, learning and entertainment opportunities, multimedia content provider Odilo launched a free app for both Android app and iOS app in early April. Available across Europe, the app includes 3000 e-books and audiobooks in a variety of genres, including 1,700 Ukrainian titles and 500 in English. There is material for both children and adults and the app is free for both Apple and Android users. 

Download Ukraine unlimited learning Android app

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