Don’t get stung this summer

Pest control team member in wasp suit

AS SUMMER approaches, Cumberland Council is reminding residents of its in-house pest control service.

Wasps can be a particular nuisance during the summer months and must be treated carefully.

The council’s fully qualified and expertly trained pest control team can treat wasps’ nests for a fee.

Wasps and bees can often be mistaken for one another. While both can give a painful sting when provoked, wasps are naturally more aggressive and can sting multiple times when attacking.

Wasps can be identified by their narrow waist and yellow dots below their head. Both have yellow stripes, but wasps’ stripes are brighter and more distinct, bees have duller stripes with a softer edge.

Our team does not treat bees as they are endangered and usually less aggressive than wasps.

Cumberland Council’s pest control team also offers advice and chargeable treatments for rats, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs and fleas.

Councillor Bob Kelly, Cumberland Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environmental Health, said: “We want to help residents enjoy the summer months.

"Although insects play an important role in our ecosystem, having a wasps’ nest on your property can cause a nuisance, particularly if it’s near an entry point or if you have children or pets who are likely to get stung.

“Wasps can be particularly unpleasant, are aggressive when provoked and can cause a nasty sting. It is important that nests are treated carefully, using the right equipment, by professionals with the appropriate training.

“If there’s something causing an issue on your property, get in touch with our trusted team.”

To find out more about the service and its fees visit