Commercial parking permit

These permits are used by businesses, such as hotels, to provide their customers with parking in the council’s car parks.

How the permits work

Permits can last between one and 12 months.

You can change the vehicle registration number associated with each permit as required – such as on the arrival and check-in of a new guest. 

There is no charge for changing a vehicle registration.

How much it costs

The annual cost is £526 with a £1 set-up cost for each permit.

How to apply

You will firstly need to register and set up an account on MiPermit to purchase a permit.

Set up an account on MiPermit

After you've set up an account

You can apply for as many permits as you need.

Apply for a commercial parking permit


Council enforcement officers will check registration numbers with their hand-held computers, and will not issue any penalty charge notices if the vehicle is registered with the system.