Apply for a brown or white tourist sign - step by step

How to apply for a brown or white tourist sign to help visitors find a tourist attraction or business.

Tourist signs help visitors to find tourist destinations easily and safely. Sited in appropriate locations, these signs can help support the local economy.

Tourist signs add to, rather than repeat, information already provided on existing signs. They are not for advertising purposes.

Being eligible for a tourist sign does not automatically mean you are entitled to one.

We deal with tourist sign applications for most of the roads in Cumberland, apart from a few roads that National Highways manage.


Roads managed by National Highways

National Highways look after 4 major roads in Cumberland. These are the:

  • M6
  • A66
  • A595 - from the A66 to Calder Bridge
  • A69 - from Carlisle M6, Junction 43, heading east

For roads managed by National Highways, please apply on GOV.UK

  1. Before you apply

    What you should know before you submit your application, including our eligibility criteria.

  2. Submit an application form

    How to submit an application to apply for a new tourist sign, including the application fee.

  3. After you apply

    What happens after you submit your application, including the costs.