Breach of building regulations

You must have building control approval before you build. If you do not have building control approval, you are in breach of building regulations.

Building control ensures a development is built to the correct standards to ensure it is safe, energy efficient and meets the requirements of disabled people.

Whether or not planning permission is required, most work has to comply with national building regulations.

Examples of factors building control monitors for approval are:

  • Structural stability
  • Means of escape in case of fire
  • Resistance to moisture and drainage
  • Stairways and access for disabled persons.

Unlike the planning department, our building control team does cover developments within the Lake District National Park boundary.

How do we ensure the building regulations are complied with?

When you start a building project, you can:

  • submit plans to us and we will inspect on site to ensure the regulations are being complied with
  • a building notice can be submitted by a suitably qualified person.

Building without building control approval may lead to you facing prosecution in a magistrates' court.

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