Charter Trustees of the City of Carlisle

The Charter Trustees of the City of Carlisle is made up of 12 Cumberland Councillors.

The Charter Trustees of the City of Carlisle is made up of 12 Cumberland Councillors.

It is non-political and non-statutory body with the primary objective being to maintain and promote the historic and ceremonial traditions for the area.

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Who are the trustees?

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected from the charter trust members and the positions are installed at Mayor Making at the Annual Meeting.

The position of Mayor is non-political, serves as the ceremonial head of the historic city and intended to benefit both the city and its citizens.

The Mayor acts as an ambassador for the city and should endeavour to promote and enhance the role of the Mayoralty.

The Deputy Mayor may also represent the Office of Mayor if they are unavailable and when it is important that the Mayor is represented and appropriate for the invitation to be passed on.

Charter Trustees of the City of Carlisle appointed Cllr Abdul Harid into the Civic role of the Mayor of Carlisle in May 2023. His term of office will carry until May 2024.

Cllr Chris Southward was voted in as the Deputy Mayor of Carlisle.

The Charter Trustees is made up the following Cumberland Councillors: Cllr Robert Betton, Cllr Lisa Brown, Cllr Helen Davison, Cllr Anne Glendinning, Cllr Abdul Harid, Cllr Lucy Patrick, Cllr Anne Quilter, Cllr Chris Southward, Cllr Cyril Weber, Cllr Brian Wernham, Cllr Jeanette Whalen and Cllr Chris Wills.

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History of the Mayor of Carlisle

The position of Mayor of Carlisle is believed to have been created in 1231, when the city was first officially granted independence to run itself. Traditionally the Mayor was elected by "citizens of that city continually residing in the same" - that is, the Freemen.

After 1835, Councillors who have been elected to represent different wards of the city have chosen the Mayor. Whereas in the past the Mayor was executive leader of the Council, it is now an honorary position.

The Mayor of Carlisle, Cllr Abdul Harid

Cllr Abdul Harid came to Carlisle over 30 years ago, has close connection with Carlisle and made the city his home. He has three children all born educated and professionals in Carlisle. He started as a business owner and contributed towards the local economy, providing service to the residents of Carlisle.

Cllr Harid was first elected as a Carlisle City Councillor in 2007, he dedicated many years of charity work to Air Ambulance Services, Macmillan Cancer support, Eden Valley Hospice and Sightsavers. He sponsored local talents to compete in international competitions alongside sponsoring a local football team.

Cllr Harid became the first ever Asian Muslim councillor in Cumbria and the first elected BAME City Councillor and was elected as a Cumberland Councillor.

He was the Vice-Chairman for the Cumberland Council Shadow Authority 2022-23 and was elected as Vice Chair of Cumberland Council in 2023.

He is a qualified community interpreter and actively works alongside the NHS and social services and takes pride in supporting the disadvantage people in the community. Cllr Harid has been a Local Authority School governor for over 15 years and is passionate about improving children's education.

He works with communities in Carlisle including minority ethnic and BAME groups promoting community cohesion, equality and boost diversity.

He is an advocate for the social economically deprived and disadvantage people. His vision is to improve the city’s quality of living and positive future. He wants Carlisle to be a city where everyone feels welcome and wants to be an inspiration for all communities.

The Mayor’s chosen charities are Cash for Kids, Carlisle Foodbank and Carlisle One World Centre.

Councillor Abdul Harid

Cllr Abdul Harid