What are Community Panels and how do I apply?

Community Panels are a way of listening to our communities and directing investment where it is needed most.

This new process puts local people at the heart of decision-making, and supports our focus on health and wellbeing.

There are eight Community Panels covering Cumberland. Each is made up of the ward councillors for that area. The panels meet four times a year to decide what their communities need, and to direct investment towards projects that tackle those priorities.

They are helped in that process by Community Networks. These are made up of residents, businesses, partners and third sector organisations. They engage with residents through events, consultations and other methods to find out exactly what investment is needed in each neighbourhood. That is then fed back to the Community Panels to inform their spending.

Each of the Community Panels has a webpage where you can find out which councillors are on the panel, which wards it covers, and other information.

You can read a press release about the launch of the Community Panels, and a release announcing their first meetings.

How can I apply for investment from a Community Panel?

The panels have different deadlines by which you may need to apply - please check the individual Community Panel's page for the deadlines.