How we will use this plan

This plan is just the starting point for the new Council.

Over the next year we will be engaging with residents to understand the opportunities and challenges they face and working out how we can work together to bring about change.

We will review this document at regular intervals and we will amend or replace it if necessary. We will also use it as the basis to start a wider conversation on the development of a strategy for sustainable communities for Cumberland.

That document will create a long term vision for our area in partnership with residents, businesses and the community sector.

We will use this plan:

  • As a starting point for more detailed service planning and strategy development.
  • To start a much broader and deeper conversation with our residents about what you want from the council and how you would like to be involved.
  • To enable our potential partners to understand our vision and priorities to enable further dialogue about areas of common interest.
  • As a guide when we are making decisions about services or things that impact on our residents to ensure that we maintain our focus.