Cumberland Council fees and charges

Our fees and charges have been set in line with the council's policy.

Income from fees and charges represents an important source of funds to us and enables a range of services to be provided within the area and beyond.

We cannot charge for all the services that we provide. We cannot charge for services that we have a statutory duty to provide.

We must ensure that the proportion of income raised from users of discretionary services meets the full cost of these services, rather than the costs falling on council taxpayers in general.

Certain services require their fees and charges to be set in line with legal obligations and national government charging policy. No discretion is therefore available to us around these fees. These will be set in line with the statutory rates each year.

The charges are effective from 1 April 2023 and replace the fees and charges policies previously in place with the respective sovereign councils.

A full report was considered by the shadow authority for Cumberland.

Cumberland Council fees and charges 2023-24.