Services privacy notices

Privacy notices for the services we deliver in Cumberland.

Our privacy policies explain how we collect and process your data, who we share it with and how we look after it.

You can find out about your rights in relation to the data we hold about you and how to make a complaint about the way we handle your data.

Cumberland Council services privacy notices

Service Privacy notice
Electoral Services Privacy Notice - Electoral Services (PDF 217KB)
School Appeals and Admissions Privacy Notice - School Appeals and Admissions (PDF 85KB)
Travel actively Privacy Notice - Travel actively (PDF 406KB)
Active Cumbria Privacy Notice - Active Cumbria (PDF 398KB)
SEND Inclusion Service Privacy Notice -  SEND Inclusion Service (PDF 227KB)
Global Resettlement Service Privacy Notice - Global Resettlement Service (PDF 162KB)
Disaggregated Local authority Designated Officer (LADO) Privacy Notice - Disaggregated Local authority Designated Officer (LADO) (PDF 164KB)
Adult Social Care Privacy Notice - Adult Social Care (PDF 207KB)
Mental Health Crisis Breathing Space Scheme Privacy Notice - Mental Health Crisis Breathing Space Scheme (PDF 229KB)
Occupational Therapy Privacy Notice - Occupational Therapy (PDF 248KB)
Adult Social Care: Rehabilitation Officers for Visual Impairment (ROVI) Service Privacy Notice - Adult Social Care: Rehabilitation Officers for Visual Impairment (ROVI) Service (PDF 213KB)
Trading Standards Privacy Notice - Trading Standards (PDF 200KB)

Legacy councils' privacy notices

Service specific privacy policies for services that used to be delivered by the legacy councils that reformed to create Cumberland Council:

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