Make a complaint about a councillor

How to make a complaint about a councillor.

Councillor code of conduct

All councillors, including town and parish, must follow a code of conduct.  

You can make a complaint if you think an individual councillor is not following their code of conduct.

The code applies to councillors whenever they act in an official capacity as a member or co-opted member of the authority. You can't complain about what a councillor does as a private individual.

How to make a complaint

To make a complaint about a councillor, you will need:

  • details about the councillor, including name and council they are a member of
  • to have read the Code of Conduct and be able to tell us which part of the code the councillor has breached
  • to explain why we should withhold your details, if you want your complaint to be anonymous
  • to provide a detailed explanation about the breach.

The detail of the complaint should include:

  • specific examples of what happened
  • dates the alleged incidents took place
  • if there were any witnesses of the breach
  • any background information that could be relevant (such as letters or emails).

If you have a complaint about a town or parish council as a whole, or an employee of a town or parish council you must submit your complaint through their own complaints process.


If disability prevents you from making your complaint in writing, please contact Democratic Services on 01228 817039 for assistance.