Climate change and natural environment

Our commitment to tackling climate change and protecting and enhancing biodiversity.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of all time. It is one of the biggest challenges to both humanity and nature globally. We are already seeing the impact of the climate and environmental crises, responding to and recovering from the devastating effects in our communities from severe weather such as unprecedented flooding.

We now need to address this locally here in Cumberland.

Cumberland is known for having some of the UK’s most loved and beautiful natural places, many within England’s largest national park, The Lake District.

It is home to our highest mountain and deepest lake, alongside some significant species such as the Osprey, and habitats such as the Solway Coastal Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We not only have one, but two World Heritage Sites in our care, in addition to the Lake District and we are bordered by Hadrian’s Wall to the north, where you can experience over 1900 years of history.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by such enriching landscapes and welcome over 19 million visitors a year to enjoy them.

That is why our climate and environment demand our attention, our leadership and our action.

As custodians of these extraordinary landscapes, it will be at the forefront of everything we do – working to create a more sustainable future for all at Cumberland.

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We'll be looking to share positive stories including the steps we’re taking to reduce our carbon emissions and protect our local environment, and the ways we can help you to make choices that are green, while also saving money and energy at home.

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