Citizenship ceremonies

Find out who should have a citizenship ceremony and what a citizenship ceremony involves

Who should take part in a citizenship ceremony

Anyone over the age of 18 who successfully applies to become a British citizen must take part in a citizenship ceremony.

The purpose of a citizenship ceremony

Citizenship ceremonies allow applicants to gain a full understanding of the rights and responsibilities that come with gaining British citizenship. They also are a way of making sure that you are properly welcomed into the community. It is intended to ensure that the process of gaining citizenship is not a purely bureaucratic process.

Your citizenship ceremony

We are responsible for organising ceremonies for successful applicants living in the county on behalf of the Home Office. A ceremony can be held at any point, but must be within 3 months of the Home office notification.

If your paperwork is received in Cumberland from the Home Office your ceremony will be in Carlisle Register Office

As soon as we receive notification that you have been successful, you will be contacted by letter and notified about the date of their ceremony.

The ceremony begins with a welcoming speech (often by a local dignitary), and you will swear or affirm an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen and give a pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom before being presented with your citizenship certificates. The presentation of the certificate marks the point at which British citizenship is awarded. 

Private citizenship ceremonies

You can request to have a private citizenship ceremony, but there is a fee for this service.

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