Contractor waiver parking permit

If you’re a contractor, for example a builder, working on a property you can apply for a short-term permit to let you park while work is being undertaken.

Where you can park

This permit will allow you to park in a:

  • designated on-street disc zone
  • permit only
  • limited waiting parking bay

Where you cannot park

You cannot park:

  • on yellow lines
  • in a restricted parking zone
  • in an area reserved for specific users, such as loading bays
  • in a disabled bay
  • a taxi rank
  • a bus stop
  • in a pay-and-display car park

We also cannot reserve spaces or cone off areas.

If you need to park in one of these locations

You will need to apply to the the Highways department or the Streets Works Team. These follow different guidelines and charges.

Using the waiver

You cannot transfer the waiver to another designated area or vehicle, you will need to apply for another waiver.

If your vehicle is parked incorrectly, then a Penalty Charge Notice may be served or an authorised Council Officer may request for your vehicle to be parked elsewhere. If you do not move your vehicle then your waiver will be cancelled.


You can apply online.

If you need a paper version of the digital form, you can contact the parking services team.

After you apply

Your application will be assessed.

Submission of an application form does not provide a parking exemption. Parking may take place once approved.