Residential on-street parking permit

If you live in a permit scheme area in Cumberland then you can apply for a permit to allow you to park near your property.

Before you apply

You will need:

  • proof of residency - for example, a recent council tax bill, utility bill or lease contract agreement letter
  • proof of vehicle ownership - for example, your vehicle V5C logbook or insurance documents (for residents permits where you own the vehicle)

There are limits on the number of permits you can have per household depending on the scheme.


You can apply online.

If you need a paper version of the digital form, you can contact the Parking Services team.

After you apply

Your application will be assessed.

Submission of an application form does not guarantee your eligibility.

Renewing your permit

Permits are valid for one year. You can apply to renew your permit one month before it expires.

If your details are unchanged there is no need to complete a new application.

If your details have changed, then you will need to contact us.

New permits will be issued within five days of your request.

Contact the Parking Services team