Have your say on the future of Moot Lodge residential care home

Have your say on the proposal to close Moot Lodge residential care home in Brampton.

How to have your say

Complete the online questionnaire

Download and print the consultation document (PDF 700KB)

Please have your say by 23 May 2024 when the consultation closes.

The online petition will not be considered as part of the public consultation and therefore will not be included in the decision making for the future of Moot Lodge.

What happens after this consultation

Following the public consultation, feedback will be analysed, and a report summarising the results will be considered by the Council’s Executive. The Executive will then decide whether to proceed with the proposal. Moot Lodge residents, families, staff and other key stakeholders, will be kept fully informed about progress at every step. The report summary and Executive decision will be published on our have you say page.

What we are consulting on and how

This consultation forms part of the Cumberland Care review. The review will look at the Council’s in-house care service, Cumberland Care, to make sure provision continues to deliver sustainable, high-quality care and support for the people of Cumberland.  The review will make sure there is appropriate provision which is the right size and shape to meet the needs of our residents.

We are consulting on the proposal to close Moot Lodge, a residential care home providing care for up to 18 people in Brampton which currently accommodates 14 residents.  Although the home currently provides quality care to a number of residents, the property is in need of significant investment to ensure the building is future-proof for care needs.

This is a public consultation and we would encourage all members of the local community and wider residents of Cumberland to have their say.  We welcome responses from any individual or group with an interest in this issue. Those receiving care and their family members are being supported and encouraged to have their say on the changes.

How we are engaging with the public and stakeholders

We have promoted the public consultation through public drop in events, leaflet distribution, posters in local businesses, social media, press releases, and public ebulletins.

We’re engaging with key stakeholders including local councillors and Brampton Parish Council.

Moot Lodge residents, families and staff are being supported to have their say throughout the consultation process, with independent advocacy support also available.

If you have any suggestions about how else we should engage with the public in relation to this consultation please let us know by emailing haveyoursay@cumberland.gov.uk

How much this consultation costs

A public consultation is a statutory requirement for a decision of this type. The majority of officer support for the consultation is provided in-house at no extra cost to us. Additionally, we have contracted independent advocacy support from Health Watch Cumberland to support residents and consultees.  We have also incurred a cost for some printed materials, totalling £533.

Why we are proposing to close Moot Lodge

The care people receive has changed in recent years. More people are supported at home for longer and fewer people want to be supported in a care home in later life. However, there is a growing need for specialist dementia care, including within our care homes.

Our homes should be easy to access for all, including those with physical disabilities and dementia. They should also include a safe, accessible outside space for all residents. This helps to create a high-quality care environment, supports people’s health and wellbeing, and supports them to live as independently as possible.

Current facilities of Moot Lodge

Even with significant investment, Moot Lodge cannot provide these features because of the structure of the building. Limitations include:

  • minimal outside space
  • limited access to the building for people with mobility issues
  • communal areas split across multiple floors
  • mechanical aids, such as ceiling track hoists cannot be installed in many of the rooms 
  • very limited visitor and staff parking

Multiple floors hinder independence for those with mobility issues. Where facilities are provided on the same level residents can move around the home more easily without or with less assistance. This is beneficial for individual independence. At Moot Lodge there are also issues with resident access to outside space due to the layout of the building.

Facilities we aim to provide

We want all our care to be provided in excellent facilities which include:

  • spacious communal living space for socialising, promoting independence and enabling the more effective delivery of group activities
  • open plan dining and lounging facilities, supporting people with limited mobility
  • layout which aids positive behaviour support for those with complex behaviour and needs

We also believe that ensuites are beneficial to care home residents as they support independence and privacy. We aim to provide modern facilities that residents rightly expect.

Financial cost and savings

Whilst the closure of Moot Lodge would result in some financial savings on running costs for the building (heating, lighting, repairs), residents are still in need of high-quality care in an appropriate setting. We want our homes to be fit for purpose and support our residents and staff. Maximising the use of our purpose built or refurbished buildings is the best way to ensure Council funds are spent wisely. 

The cost of the recent redecorating of Moot Lodge

Moot Lodge has received cosmetic re-decoration to ensure that the environment remains as homely as possible for the existing residents. The cost of those works was approximately £50k.

Moot Lodge's current occupancy

Occupancy within all care homes is variable, however occupancy within Moot Lodge has reduced from 18 residents in February 2022 to 13 residents in April 2024.

New admissions were paused in February 2024 pending the outcome of the public consultation. Occupancy has been as low as 8 residents (in February 2021) however this number will have been influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. Admissions were managed during part of 2023 due to maintenance and redecoration works, however it is clear that between 2022 and 2024, the trend has been of reducing occupancy.

Why we can’t renovate Moot Lodge

We want to provide a high quality care environment suited to the delivery of intermediate and dementia care, and support people to live better, healthier, and more independently. To do this our homes should be easy to access for those with physical disability and for hospital transfers, and include a safe, accessible and dementia friendly outside space. Even with significant investment, Moot Lodge cannot provide these features due to the property’s structure and footprint.

How much it would cost to redevelop Moot Lodge

The estimated renovation cost based on square footage of the building and previous care home redevelopments is approximately £2.5 million. This estimate is informed via the Council’s experience of redeveloping other care homes (Parkside in Maryport and Eskdale House in Longtown) as part of the recent modernisation strategy. The costs have been calculated using the rehabilitation/conversion costs for care homes for the elderly from the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS). The rate used takes into consideration the experience the council has had in refurbishing Eskdale House and the level and scale of refurbishment needed to address both the condition and suitability of each home. The estimates exclude furniture but include contingency and fees.   

However, even with this investment, due to the property’s structure and footprint, there are a number of physical constraints that mean the building is not fit for purpose to be used in a modern care setting reflecting the changes in that industry.  Notably the internal access, room sizes, lack of external gardens that can be accessed, and other factors.  As such, Moot Lodge still could not provide the high quality care environment suited to the delivery of intermediate and dementia care. The fundamental building limitations relating to facilities on multiple levels and access to safe outside space would also remain.

The cost of renovating Eskdale House

The proposal to close Moot Lodge is not based on selling it to cover the overspend on renovating Eskdale House.

The cost of renovating Eskdale House did exceed the original budget, but this was due to several factors. The scope of the works was increased to a full modernisation, rather than just a partial refurbishment. The catering kitchen, laundry, outside areas and footpaths were upgraded as well as residents' areas. The building was renovated to a high standard to ensure it was able to provide dedicated dementia care and intermediate care.

Building costs were also impacted by general inflationary pressures seen across a range of services, caused by the war in Ukraine and material and logistics cost increases. Initial estimates are often variable until preliminary works commence and the building condition can be fully assessed. 

If the proposal is approved

If the proposal was approved, the closure would take place on a phased approach, likely to begin from September.

What will happen to Moot Lodge staff

Following this public consultation process, if approved by the council’s Executive, the proposal is then subject to a staff consultation which will include individual consideration of all Moot Lodge staff. There will be a range of options available to staff including employment opportunities within alternative services.

What will happen to existing residents

Improving the wellbeing of our care home residents is a key aspect of this proposal.

If the decision is taken to close Moot Lodge, we will make sure alternative care provision meets the unique care needs of each resident within the home. Individual impact assessments will put residents’ wellbeing at the heart of transitions. 

Adult Social Care teams will work with residents and family members to find alternative care provision that works for each individual resident. 

Visiting alternative care homes

Residents will be able to visit alternative care homes prior to any closure to make their choice. Family members of Moot Lodge residents can contact the manager of Moot Lodge to arrange suitable visits.

Email: laura.mcavoy@cumberland.gov.uk

Visits to alternative private provision are organised with the relevant provider.

Private homes

Residents placed in care homes by the Council are financially assessed for care home fees, whether they reside in a private or a Council owned care home. Decisions will continue to be taken in accordance with the fees and charges policy. 

How we will support residents in Brampton

Our aim is to support people to maintain independence and stay in their own homes for as long as possible. We provide a Reablement service to support people to maximise peoples’ independence and help them to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. We also provide Intermediate Care services so that people who need a short-term care home placement following a hospital admission can receive therapy and rehabilitation support and have the best chance to return home. 

Occupancy in care homes or extra care housing provision changes regularly. We work with individuals who require care at the time they need it to ensure they receive care in a setting that suits them. Sometimes, due to their specific care needs or their family circumstances, people might need to be located in services outside of their community. For example, someone requiring nursing care could not be supported in Brampton as there are no registered nursing homes in the area.

We currently supports over 40 individuals in Brampton and the surrounding area via commissioned domiciliary care packages and many more will make their own private arrangements.

What will happen to the Moot Lodge building

Since no decision has been taken to close Moot Lodge, we have not actively considered alternative uses for the building. Any future plans for the building would be part of the consideration following the public consultation exercise.

Alternative residential facilities in the local area from Cumberland Care

Bramble Court in Brampton is the nearest extra care housing to Moot Lodge.

Find out more about extra care housing

      Other residential care homes in the area

      There are a number of Cumberland Care, private care homes and extra care housing available in and around the Brampton area:


      Location name Provider Service type Number of beds or units
      Bramble Court Cumberland Council Extra care 38
      Greenlane House Greenlane (Cumbria) Limited Care home 28
      Howard Court Care Home Howard Court Care Home Limited Care home 28

      Carlisle - 9 miles from Brampton

      Location name Provider Service type Number of beds or units
      Burnrigg Court Cumberland Council Care home 60
      Applegarth Nursing Home Applegarth Healthcare Limited Care home 53
      Carlisle Dementia Centre - Parkfield Hometrust Care Limited Care home 44
      Creative Support - The
      Laurels (Cumbria)
      Creative Support Limited Care home 29
      Eden Manor Care Home Eden Manor Care Limited Care home 80
      Greystone House Residential Care Home Greystone House Residential Care Home Limited Care home 24
      Holmehurst Residential Home Bamco Thirty Four Limited Care home 21
      Inglewood Inglewood (Cumbria) Limited Care home 26
      Kingston Court Care Home Mariposa Care Group Limited Care home 76
      Lanercost House - Carlyle Suite Barchester Healthcare Homes Limited Care home 15
      Lanercost House Barchester Healthcare Homes Limited Care home 82
      Morton Cottage Residential Home Morton Cottage Residential Home Limited Care home 32
      Pennine Lodge Four Seasons (GJP) Limited Care home 70
      Ravenstone Care and Rehabilitation Home Caresure Limited Care home 14
      Riverwell Beck Care Home Mariposa Care Group Limited Care home 60
      Burnside Court Creative Support Limited Care home 43
      Heysham Gardens Creative Support Limited Care home 60

      Houghton - 8 miles from Brampton

      Location name Provider Service type Number of beds or units
      Knells Country House Horizon Residential Homes Limited Care home 24

      Longtown - 11 miles from Brampton

      Location name Provider Service type Number of beds or units
      Eskdale House Cumberland Council Care home 21
      Virginia Lodge Care Home Ms Lauren Amanda Walsh Care home 32

      Cotehill - 10 miles from Brampton

      Location name Provider Service type Number of beds or units
      Croftfield Residential Care Home Mrs Velda Reilly Care home 22

      Aglionby - 6 miles from Brampton

      Location name Provider Service type Number of beds or units
      Rosehill Residential Home The Henry Lonsdale Trust CIO Care home 40

      Questions and answers from the public consultation.