Correct a registration

How to correct a mistake on a marriage or civil partnership registration, a birth registration or a death registration.

Correct a birth registration

If there is a mistake on a birth registration, you can apply to have it changed. You can apply for a correction if you are the mother or if you are the father (your details must be recorded on the certificate).

Apply to correct a birth registration on GOV.UK

Adding a father's name to a birth certificate

Re-register your child’s birth to add the natural father’s details to the birth record.

Contact your local registration office and make an appointment to take the completed form to the register office

Cumberland Registration Service

Telephone: 0300 373 3730


If you’re not married or in a civil partnership and one of you can’t be there, that person also needs to fill in a Statutory declaration of acknowledgement of parentage form and take it to the appointment.

There is no fee for a re-registration of a birth.

Apply to remove the wrong father's details from a birth registration 

If the wrong father is named on the current birth certificate, you will need to prove that the information provided was wrong at the time of registration and you can ask for a correction. That will remove the wrong father’s name. Then you can re-register the birth with the right father’s name.

If there’s been a Declaration of Parentage

A Declaration of Parentage is when the court decides who the father of a baby is. You don’t need to do anything to change the birth record if there’s been a Declaration of Parentage made by a court. The court will tell the General Register Office and the birth will be re-registered. You’ll need to order a new birth certificate if you want one.

Re-register (update) a birth registration where the natural parents have married after the birth was registered

If you marry or form a civil partnership with the natural father after your child’s birth was registered - you must re-register the birth by law

Contact your local registration office and make an appointment to take the completed form to the register office. 

Correction fees

There will be a fee to pay for any correction to a registration. Find out more about fees for making a change to a registration.

Where to send completed application forms

Completed applications should be returned to:

Cumberland Registration Service
Lady Gillford’s House
Petteril Bank Road

Telephone: 0300 373 3730


After you apply

When we receive the application for correction we will check if it can be corrected locally or if it requires authorisation from The General Register Office.

If the correction can be made locally, we will contact you to arrange an appointment to attend one of our offices. We will advise what documents you should bring with you to the appointment and the fees that will apply for your correction.

If the application requires approval from The General Register Office, we will call you to explain the next steps and take payment for the correction. We will then send the application on your behalf.

Getting a new birth certificate

If you want a new birth certificate you’ll have to order one separately - you don’t get one automatically when you re-register the birth.

Alternatively, you can contact The General Register Office.