Food Governance and Strategy

The Food Cumberland Partnership will continue to develop, ensuring it is broad, dynamic, and representative of the communities it supports.  This includes third sector representation, businesses, farmers/ growers, those with lived experience, NHS colleagues, and the Local Authorities.  The Partnership will engage with communities in both rural and urban areas to develop projects which support their health and wellbeing.  The Partnership plan aligns with values of Sustainable Food Places and Cumberland Council.  The development of representative Cumberland-wide sub-groups is intrinsic to the success of the Partnership, and areas in greatest need will be initially targeted.  Key to the success of the food partnership is community development.  The Partnership must understand the specific needs of each community, and develop mechanisms to support initiatives which enhance the lives and health outcomes of residents.

Officer-based working groups will be developed to ensure that the Right to Food is enshrined within the scope of each directorate’s remit e.g. planning, green spaces, public health.  Support will be given to allow communities to take the lead on initiatives which they consider most important for improving health and wellbeing.