Report a problem with a street or road

Report problems with potholes, road damage, flooding and drainage, traffic lights, street lights, pedestrian crossings, trees, vegetation, bollards, manhole covers and more.

Flooding, blocked gullies and drains

There is a large network of drains and gullies across Cumbria. Sometimes they can become blocked and flood the road. If you see a flood, you can report it online.

Report a problem

Flooding and development management

For more information on flood risk management, go to our pages on flooding and development management.

Clearing blocked gullies

We follow a risk based approach to maintaining gullies. Higher risk areas and areas prone to flooding are cleared more regularly. In lower risk areas the frequency of clearing may be reduced.

Sometimes road gullies become blocked with fallen leaves. If it is safe to do so, you could try to clear the leaves away to ease the flooding. 

Who deals with highway flooding 

Depending on where the flooding is depends on who is responsible for dealing with it.  

Type of flooding Who is responsible
Blocked gullies (roadside drainage gratings) Us
Channels (grips) in rural verges to allow water to run off the road, pipes and stone culverts, general road flooding Us
Rivers Environment Agency 
A 24 hour helpline is also available on 0345 988 1188
Roadside ditches and private sewers or drains Mainly the responsibility of private landowners on each side of the ditch. However we are responsible for ditches that we created for the purpose of draining the highway. 
Public sewers (including drains leading to public sewers in urban areas), burst water mains United Utilities
Car parks, amenity areas Town and district councils