Website development

New website design for the unitary council. Project overview, improvements we have made, future work and how you can help us.

What we are doing

We are developing a website for the new unitary Cumberland Council.

Project overview

Currently a lot of web content sits on the websites of the former authorities that make up Cumberland Council:

You can find the information you need by searching the Cumberland site however some pages will link back to the old council websites.

As the new council harmonises its services our task is to 'migrate' content from these old sites to the new Cumberland Council website.

We want to do this so people can find information and do the tasks they need to do more easily, in one place.

Once content has been migrated to the new site, and only when we're sure that it is findable, we will remove content from the old 'legacy' council sites.

Benefits of the new website

The technology behind the new website is very versatile and accessible. It is used by many other councils sharing resource and knowledge through the LocalGov Drupal scheme.

This allows us to access a community of developers and designers and to share ideas across other councils. 

It also allows us to create things like directories, which is a great way to show services that have a number of sites - for example, find a car park near you.

Changes we have made

Over the last eight months, since the new council was formed we have worked to make the site content clearer, more accessible and easier to use. 

We have designed and delivered a new website and used some of the new features it offers us.

Content that we have moved from the old sites to the new site includes:

Future work

These are the main service areas we will be working on in the next few months:

  • Schools and learning
  • Housing
  • Bins, recycling and street cleaning
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Building control
  • Planning, trees and hedges
  • Your environment
  • Bereavement services

We will also be migrating smaller bits of content as the opportunity arises.

How you can help

You can help us by giving us feedback on our website and web content, use the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

Things we have done based on your feedback

Below are some of the updates we have recently made to our site in response on your feedback.

Improving searches

We regularly check our website analytics to see what search terms people are using on our site. If those search terms aren't finding relevant content we work on the site to improve them. Recently we improved searches for related to 'cost of living'.

Corrected location of facilities

You pointed out that some of the locations on our directory mapping pins were wrong. For example on our 'Find a library near you' directory.

We investigated and found that the automatic mapping function was placing pins in the centre of a postcode rather than on the exact site.

We went through every one of our directory pages, checked the given locations and corrected them where they were wrong.

Mapping symbols

You said it was difficult to understand the symbols on some of the road works mapping.

We added instructions on how to mouse over symbols to see what they mean.

We are also considering adding a map key for people who may have difficulty using a mouse or who are using a mobile phone.